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Rodney is talented, smart, and creative. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stick to his promises or complete the tasks he is supposed to do. He gets sidetracked easily. Because of this, no one feels he is responsible, so they have stopped asking for his participation.


Now, he really wants to earn his family’s trust, but his imaginary friend, “Playtime,” always convinces him to neglect his chores and have fun playing instead. He is trying to convince his parents they can trust him – but his friend, Playtime, is awfully persuasive: “Let’s have fun!”

You Can Trust Me

  • eBook

    Pages: 26

    Publisher: EBBC Publishers (September 2023)

    Language: English

    ISBN 978-6-9732-1275-3

    Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

    List Price: $6.99

    Audience: Children/Juvenile

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