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Empowering Prison Writers

Empowering Prison Writers

Publish Your ebook with eBooks by Crooks Publishers

We have been empowering prisoners to turn their time into an opportunity through our self-publishing and promotion services for a decade. Use our publishing resources to create your ebook your way, maintain your book's rights, and keep 100% of your profits! Publish and sell ebooks to millions of readers via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other platforms we collaborate with. Our Promotional Package provides you everything you need to get started.

Author Submission Guidelines

  • Please follow these submission guidelines to ensure a quick, efficient publishing process.

  • Submit the following for the manuscript to receive consideration:

  • Legal name or pseudonym, Upper left-hand corner of page 1

  • Title manuscript

  • Double-Spaced manuscript

  • Paragraphs indented a single

  • Only unpublished, original work.

  • Must be either typed or hand-printed and legible

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