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Boost Reading Skills

Many of our teachers are superheroes, working tirelessly to ensure that kids in underserved communities during the pandemic have every opportunity to catch up, but even superheroes need a little help. The Introduction to the Wonders of STEM for Curious Minds is packed with fascinating facts about our world, introducing kids to the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math. Colorful descriptions and images of earth science, scientific inventions, space exploration, and futuristic technology help boost problem-solving and critical thinking skills and encourage a curiosity for STEM careers.

High-interest profiles on Black scientists and inventors who helped change the world will sustain kids' curiosity and keep them reading from cover to cover. Designed for kids in grades 4-6 +.

It comes with a complimentary Lesson Plan, designed to maximize the content and benefits of the book, saving you valuable preparation time.


Children with incarcerated dads will read inspirational content and color age-appropriate (8 – 10) illustrations aimed at self-esteem boosting, academic encouragement, and perseverance. Positive messages help inspire, insulate, and educate them about life's beautiful possibilities, reunification, and family. Dreams do come true. The high-interest illustrations and content express a dad's love and commitment to his child's growth.

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Not Little Red Riding Hood? We know what happened to her when confronted by the Big Bad Wolf. But Princess, the Little Girl in the Hood, faces a Big, Bad Wolf daily: the local bullies, drug dealers, and all types of criminal elements on her block who would devour her innocence. Can she survive another trip to her grandmother's house? This fairy tale has been reimagined and updated with an urban, cultural storyline. Be the first in your "hood" to read this reimagined tale based on the classic, Little Red Riding Hood.


This child development resource explores career opportunities with unlimited potential. Who said she could not be the president of a university or he could not be a cardiologist? The illustrations and messages are designed to boost self-esteem and challenge young minds, encouraging them to believe in themselves and start cultivating greatness within.


Rodney is talented, smart, and creative. Unfortunately, he doesn’t stick to his promises or complete the tasks he is supposed to do. He gets sidetracked easily. Because of this, no one feels he is responsible, so they have stopped asking for his participation.


Now, he really wants to earn his family’s trust, but his imaginary friend, “Playtime,” always convinces him to neglect his chores and have fun playing instead. He is trying to convince his parents they can trust him, but  Playtime is awfully persuasive: “Let’s have fun!”

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