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   A survival guide assessment tool for program facilitators and a good read for program participants preparing to be released, designed to cultivate a parole survival attitude.
   It's a powerful, quick read, takes 20—30 minutes to complete, and trainees get cold, hard facts and
advice from someone who has been around their block a few times, seen it, done it and survived. Humorous, candid, and in your face, Surviving Parole inspires parolees to consider alternatives to negative behavior and offers program facilitators keen insight into possible triggers that may derail a parolee's success.

The guide covers five topics:

What Is Your Freedom Worth? 10 Steps For Parole Survival. Keeping Your Job – Message From An Old School "G." Marijuana Never Hurt Anybody! and Parole. Included are a Lesson Plan and Worksheets; a good resource for pre-release program facilitators to guide trainees through personalized learning that leads to developing a Surviving Parole Action Plan.


Surviving Parole