Master Interview Strategies For

Previously Incarcerated Job Seekers



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Learning Objectives

  • Identify YOUR interview employment barriers and create strategies to address them

  • Identify EMPLOYER interview employment barriers and create strategies to address them

Learning Goal
When you complete this course, YOU will be able to effectively articulate your most powerful employment qualifications and skills AND demonstrate clear evidence of rehabilitation. You will have a blueprint and road map to interview success!

Module 1
You Can Ace The Interview

Why should I hire a ?!*%#@ ex-felon?  A look at the barriers previously incarcerated job seekers MUST overcome.
​Module Content Includes:
What Is Your Job Objective?
Learning Objectives
Learning Goal
Employer Needs / Expectations
Address Employer Needs
Prove It Questions

Module 2
Pre-Interview Preparation

Address your interview barriers, address the employer’s barriers, and address legal/social barriers to employment.
Module Content Includes:
Identify Employer Needs / Expectations 
Assess Your Interview Barriers
Practice Interview Questions
Illegal Questions
Quizzes and Reviews
Prove It Questions

The course can be taken 24/7, anywhere, anytime, on your phone, tablet, laptop - any device with an internet connection

Module 3
Overcoming Your Employment Barriers

Neutralize and remove barriers using your self-management,
​transferable, and job-related skills. 

Module Content Includes:
Learn to use “Uncommon professionalism"
Why Research The Company
Social Media Warning
First Impression / Body Language
The Skills Search / Building Skills' Language
Evidence of Rehabilitation
Your "Prove It" Portfolio
Prove It Questions

Module 4
The Job Interview 

Prepare for the interview -  review every aspect of your strategy again.
Module Content Includes:
Pre-interview check-up
Informational Quiz 
3-Step "Prove It" System
The Job Interview: Interactive, Audio / Visual
Questions for The Interviewer 
Post Interview Requirements
You're Hired!
Prove It Questions



Frankly, this is way beyond an interview course; it’s a complete guide for life after doing time. A true masterpiece loaded with no-nonsense tips that are extremely helpful. Having completed the course, I feel more confident than I’ve ever been.  
I’m not one to leave reviews. However, I owe more than gratitude to this course. I have a second interview coming up after searching for two years. The whole message was clear, precise, and easy to understand. Thank you!

​Pearl A.

“I think it brought to light some things we don't pay as much attention to in everyday life… an excellent resource presented in a timely and easy-to-follow medium for students to peruse. This is DEFINITELY a must-have in any and all career centers and workforce centers!”
Kenneth Goffney – Instructional Specialist III
WorkReady Dallas County Community College District

I couldn’t be more grateful. This e-course was a perfect guide for me. It is much easier when you know what to expect on a job interview as a former prisoner, and have ready answers to hard questions. 

Sara M.


“I want to clearly state that Louis – in every case – exceeded the contracted deliverables and outcomes expected, both in quantity and quality.  He was timely and he did more than he said he would.  Client evaluations of his work were exceedingly positive.”
Scot Adams, Ph.D.– Former Director, Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services - Division of Behavioral Health; and Former Executive Director, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Inc.


I acquired a job right away! Now I have a job and self-esteem, whereas before my life was on a downward spiral. I found my real potential through the course and managed to overcome all the job interviews.
I recommend this course to all the previously incarcerated. For us there is still a place in society, we must not return to crime. A second chance is really possible. 

Jane J.

“We found your resource to be concise, factual, and very direct. We think it supports our training and would be very helpful in the ATCs, where residents still have an opportunity to sign up for many of the classes (GED, Parenting, Drug Programs) that would help them in their rehabilitation efforts leading to employment.”
Judy Beazley, Employment Specialist, Safer Foundation, Chicago, Illinois 
"Very cohesive, practical and on target . . . this can be an excellent learning tool for many offenders, and an applied reference guide for criminal justice professionals working with hard-to-place parolees"
Bill Wakefield, Professor of Criminology, University of Nebraska, Omaha

​Prepare Your Job Seekers For Career Success

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