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Prisoner Bio

I am a Christian with a good sense of humor. I have a positive outlook on life regardless of my 


I enjoy sports, outdoor activities, movies, and reading. 

Looking for someone to write to help pass the time and maybe encourage them in their lives by sharing my story.  It might help someone not to make the same mistake as I did in life.


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Archie Lee Billing #047131
Central Prison
4285 Mail Service Center 
Raleigh, NC 27699-4285 
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 1/22/74
Will Write – Men & Women
Race – White 
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: Death Row



Michael Garcia #AS9256
CSP Sacrament New Folsom
P. O. Box 290066
Represa, CA 95671
Sex – Male 
D.O.B. 6/8/91

Will Write – Men & Women

Race – Puerto Rican / Mexican
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2026

Prisoner Bio

I’m a caring, loving, lonely Christian and just could use a nice person to talk to. I’m respectful of people's personal lives and a loyal funny friend that keeps positive energy no matter the circumstance of my situation. 

Donald Ray Grooms #1929030
Estelle Unit
264 FM 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 2/16/1984

Will Write – Women
Race – Caucasian
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2033

Prisoner Bio

I don’t know how this is supposed to go, and I don’t write very well. So, here I go!!
I’m 36 years old, I have hazel eyes, brown hair, and 5”11, and weigh 230 pounds. I’m a country boy from Abilene, Texas. I’m looking for a pen pal between the ages of 20 & 46 years old.
I have a good personality and a good sense of humor. I’m very loyal, faithful, but that is just me.
I like to fix old hot rods, enjoy cooking homemade food, and listen to all music.
I love the outdoors and special time with my family.
You can feel free to ask me anything because maybe one day I would love to start my own family, because, I do not have any kids of my own.
I would like to put a smile on your face every time you get a letter from me. Ok, I like to be funny too.
I’m currently serving a 20-year sentence and I have six years done on it now. The reason I’m locked up is that I’m very loyal. So, now I’m just trying to find myself a lifemate. So, just for now a pen pal, if you would like to you can send me a picture.

Prisoner Bio

I’m a man that’s chosen to thrive and take advantage of my situation versus the alternative. No downtime for this guy. Outside of my prison H-VAC job---- you can find me either working on my sixth manuscript or exercising to stay in peak physical condition.

​I’m a bit of an artist and barber as well. The latter is more to pass the time, the former, however, are a lifestyle I call my own.

If you’re interested in writing a guy who lived, and yet discovered his life is yet only beginning, then let’s become friends. Upon my release I’ll be starting from the ground up----- friends and associates included. I love music, enjoy dancing, cruising, the pool, the lake, the outdoors, working with my hands, and playing cards. 


Robert Davenport #02239990
Ferguson Unit
12120 Savage Drive
Midway, TX 75852
​Sex – Male
D.O.B. 12/21/1982
Will Write – Women
​Race – Caucasian
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 03/19/2030


Ronnie Fulton #02107049
Pack 1 Trusty Camp
2400 Wallace Pack Road
Navasota, TX 77868
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 8/18/72
Will Write - Women & Men
Race - White
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2028

Prisoner Bio

Hello there ladies!! My name is Ronnie J Fulton. I’m 47 years old. Born in the month of August so that makes me a Leo!! I’m born and raised in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. I’m posting an ad on this website for one reason only, and that is to find the perfect one for me. I’m looking for a strong-minded woman who can make good decisions in life.

Just looking for some type of direction upon release so I won’t fall into the same path that got me here. So, if you are serious about life, then I’m the one for you.

I’m also willing to relocate to where ever that may be if necessary. So please, if you like what you see, then please contact me A.S.A.P. All I’m asking for is just one chance.

The fastest way to contact me is to e-mail me. You can do that by going to and downloading the app from your phone. You must type in my TDC #02107049. I will remove my ad from this website when I meet the right one. I’m not in this for any type of game. If you decide to write me the old fashion way, you must use blank paper without any lines on it.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you. I can’t wait to meet you. If you are really serious about me, let me know. Hope to hear from you soon! Ronnie

Prisoner Bio

Richard Spraggins has always had a creative side, he began at a very young age. His focus was on art for so many years. He expressed himself primarily through his artwork.

Recently he found an overwhelming desire to write. He subsequently rediscovered things about himself that he had hidden deep within. 
We often hide who we are to make others comfortable.  Then we get so comfortable being lost; it takes something or someone special to motivate us to find our true selves.

​The writing was just the catalyst for rediscovery that Richard needed. He is changing his world by using his time wisely by writing books and attending college. Richard wants to prove that mistakes do not determine your destiny.
Come and experience Richard’s writing and allow him to pull you into his world.


Richard Spraggins #01826730
1992 Helton Road / Jordan Unit
Pampa, TX 79065
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 2/28/74
Will Write – Women
Race – African American
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2031


Chris Dankovich #595904
Thumb Correctional Facility
3225 John Conley Drive
Lapeer, MI 48446
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 10/23/89
Will Write – Women
Race – White
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2030

Prisoner Bio

I am someone always seeking to grow and improve. And I have so much to share and give from my journey.

I am an advocate for juvenile rights and safety, a musician (influenced by Ben Howard, Chris Cornell, Tool and the Cranberries), a chef, an artist, and sometimes a writer.

I’m an easy person to get to know, and if I sound like someone you would like to hear from, I’d love to hear from you.
If you do works fastest, or if you use snail mail please include your address in the letter.


Reginald Rice Sr. #91808-071
FCC Beaumont Medium
POB 26040
Beaumont, Texas 77720
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 1/21/72
Will Write – Women & Men
Race – African American
Marital Status – Divorce
Anticipated Release Date: Life

Prisoner Bio

I am a fun-loving person with a wonderful sense of humor. I love to engage in a good conversation.

I am a caring and humble person who can be loyal to a fault sometimes.
I am a lover of pets and I love children. To me, they represent all that is good in the world.

I am also a good listener.


Ruben Becerrada #G52922
San Quentin S.P.
PO Box 652922 (2EB75)
San Quentin, CA 94974
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 2/5/1964
Will Write – Both
Race – Hispanic
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: Death Row

Prisoner Bio

Hello, my name is Ruben Becerra. I’m 55 years old, 5’10 about 197 lbs., with black eyes and black hair.
My dad is Afro-Cuban and my mom is Mexican. I’m a former professional boxer. If you want you can check a few of my fights on YouTube. I love all sports. I’m willing to write to anyone and any age. I’m a real quiet mellow, laid-back person.
Well, hope to hear from you soon.  
Rebun Becarrada


Wayne Snitzky #312456
Marion Correctional Institution
POB 57
Marion, OH 43301
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 1/11/1977
Will Write – Women & Men

Race – White
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: Life

Prisoner Bio

I was never a Boy Scout but always carried a pocket knife and a handkerchief, a lesson from my father.  I still carry a handkerchief.
I fell in love with reading in prison mostly non-fiction.
I’m an open book, I just don’t know what page I’m on. 

Prisoner Bio

I am kindhearted and compassionate. No matter what I am going through I will put your feelings first and I really want to hear you.
True friends are hard to find, trust me I have been searching. All I want is someone to appreciate me, someone to talk to and laugh with.
Do you like to laugh and smile? If you do then write me and let’s get it on. I promise you your first smile is on me. I got you!


Kelly G. Hayes #0581774
Mountain View Correctional Institution
545 Amity Park Road      
Spruce Pine, NC 28777
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 4/22/1980
Will Write – Women
Race – Black
Marital Status – Divorced
Anticipated Release Date: 2025

Prisoner Bio

I am a great listener. Having an edifying nature, I always look to bring joy to someone’s day. I’m focused on accomplishing the goals I have set and I’m honest in both word and deed. I’m big on loyalty and I’m patient enough to see a process through.


Marshall Jones #36623
New Lisbon Correctional Institution
POB 4000
New Lisbon,
                       WI 53950                       Sex – Male
D.O.B. 9/26/1981
Will Write – Women
Race – Black
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: Life

Prisoner Bio

Despite my crime, I’m a good person and an even better friend. I’m ambitious, honest, sincere, and positive. I love to get to know people.
I’m a very good listener and I don’t play games. My passions are writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing chess, and collecting jokes.


Frederick Paine
Carson City, NV 89702
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 6/23/1970
Will Write – Women
Race – Black
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2069


Richard Atkins Jr. #G32466 / D3-111
High Desert State Prison
POB 3030                          
Susanville, CA 96127
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 2/23/1981
Will Write – Women & Men
Race – Black Cherokee Cuban
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 2028

Prisoner Bio

I’m honest, loyal, realistic, positive and motivated by family. I love to succeed in building my company La Prince Global.
You can read my book Lucinda Book 1 at Amazon.  

Prisoner Bio

I am a down-to-earth, humble, free-spirited man who loves to joke around and make people smile. I’m thoughtful and considerate, a man you can trust with your true feelings, heart, and ideas.
I work out daily, pray, try to grow mentally, spiritually, and physically.  Much love and respect to you all!!!


Sherman Dunn #AW8544
California Men's Colony / East
POB 8101
San Luis Obispo, CA 93409
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 9/14/1981
Will Write – Women

Race – African American
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: 8/10/2022


Arnold Barnes #1633044
Telford Unit
3899 Hwy 98
New Boston, TX 75570
Sex – Male
D.O.B. 4/18/1982
Will Write – Women & Men

Race – African American
Marital Status – Single
Anticipated Release Date: On Appeal

Prisoner Bio

I spent nine years in the top 10 worst prisons in the country.
For me, it’s easy not to get stabbed or raped. The hard part is maintaining a positive mindset in the midst of such a negative and violent environment.

What I seek is true friendship and I need someone to be my journal. I’m not perfect nor am I looking for the perfect person.  I have over sixty tattoos, two teenage kids, love reading more than anything.

I’m a freelance writer who also writes music, exercises regularly, enjoys getting to know new people and due to circumstances have acquired a great sense of humor. Having worn shackles from my wrist to my ankles I have learned they can’t confine my mind and so I am freethinking, free-spirited and open-minded. I am not easily intimidated so anything you want to ask me is fine and will be answered truthfully. With that said I have a question of my own. Living in a free world, what brings you to this site?

Prisoner Bio<