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Ebooks By Crooks Publishers will create your manuscript into an ebook format and list it with the major online retailers, available on iPads, iPhones, tablets, Android, Kindle, and other devices.

What We Do

  • eBooks By Crooks Publishers collaborates with trusted party professionals to transform your manuscript into a high-quality, reader-friendly ebook.

  • We start with your completed manuscript, fiction or non-fiction

  • Type your hand-written manuscript

  • Proofread & edit for spelling, grammar, punctuation, readability, rephrasing poor sentence structure, etc

  • Format and convert your ebook to read on all electronic devices

  • Include properly structured headers, footers, page numbers, table of content, proper layout

  • Create a custom ebook cover design that sells

  • Ensure your ebook doesn't get rejected by publishing platforms

Submit your manuscripts typed or hand-printed and legible to 333 West Bethalto Drive, Suite 209, Bethalto, Illinois 52010